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Happy Rose : Beauty, Lifestyle / December 4, 2019

Happy Rose Day 2019

Not easy to have the star look! Then discover this fashion trend that stars wear around their necks and wrists. As you can see in the media (TV, internet, magazines). People often wear jewelry made with pearls, colored natural stone balls. You should know that this fashion for stone jewelry originates from lithotherapy and the need to wear jewelry with symbolic meaning that brings good luck. Whether it is a bracelet or a necklace, it has been the magic and esoteric fantasy jewel for a few years. Whether on the arm of a man or a woman, the pearl bracelet on cord or elastic is a very trendy lucky fashion accessory ideal to accompany your casual outfits. You want to highlight your wrists, browsing the windows Parisian or London looking for the real gem for you?
Happy Rose
August 12, 2019 

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